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My Experience of School Life so far

Today I am going to tell you about my own school life so far means, from 3 to 11 years.  First of all, we will start with nursery, when it was the first day of my school both my father and mother dropped me off at school. When I entered the school gate my mother was crying, but I went to school with swag and I did not look back and see what was happening behind me. I entered the school with my small bag and a bottle hanging on my neck. And my class was on the ground floor so reached my class fast. My class was the best in school because in there everything was colourful like benches, tiles, pictures, and board. Generally, in every class, there is only one teacher but in our class, there were two teachers. The teacher used to tell us to bring healthy food to eat. And when we had lunch, the teacher used to ask us, "Your food is fine? There is no problem?” One day my mother gave me cucumber and that cucumber was bitter. So I told my teacher that “my cucumber is bitter
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My Birthday Celebration

I have written this blog because today on 14 April is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Here I am telling you about my birthday celebration every year. First  B'day - 2009 On my first birthday, my grandmother told to celebrate a birthday in our native place. So we went there and many relatives came to celebrate my birthday, at that time I was very healthy and now I am thin. We did a party at night. Everybody took a piece of cake and applied it to my face. My cake’s design was of Mickey Mouse. I got a lot of gifts. Everybody enjoyed a lot on my birthday. 2nd B'day- 2010 On my second birthday, my two aunts, one uncle, one younger sister, one younger brother, and grandmother came. One of my aunts came to the city from some other job but thought that they would do their work and they would join me on my birthday too. I got gifts. This birthday was celebrated in my home.    3rd B'day - 2011 On my third birthday, My younger brother and my relatives

Today’s selfish and greedy world

Today’s selfish and greedy world In today’s world all people are thirsty, not thirsty of water but the thirsty of money. Today most people are selfish and greedy. They do not care about any other person, who is in trouble. When they find lots of money they rush towards it, they do not think whether the money is given for good work or bad work. They go in the wrong direction. Nowadays most people just think that they want to be the leader, the king of the world. I give the best example of these. China, today the whole world is suffering from coronavirus. As per information from several news channels, this virus has not come from any animal, bird or insect, This virus has come from Chinese scientists. Now you will wonder why China is bringing this virus. The answer is because they were going to use this virus in wars. There was a plan by China to transfer the virus to the opponents' camp. They wanted to win the war without working hard. As you know how this virus spread,

How to think positive when stressed?

Be Positive Nowadays positive thinking is a must. As there is KalYuga (Machine & Technology Edge), most people’s thinking has now changed. Now negative thinking is done more often by people than positive thinking. I will not use the word vanish, because there are still some people in our country or world that are still positive. Be positive that Coronavirus will get over (As I wrote this blog on 03-04-2020 on the outbreak of the corona epidemic). Let me tell you a true story, one day Raju(name change) goes to a new city that is totally unknown to him. But he doesn’t have any home to live in, but, he has however got a home to live. But in that home one very rude person Mr. X (who also a boss of Raju) is also living because the home is of his. And one day that Mr. X gave him a task; he told Raju that take this key and gives it to my friend. When Raju reached home after job, then Mr. X asked him “did you gave that key to my friend?” and then Raju suddenly realizes that he ac


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Cricket ! What a Game

As you know cricket is the most popular game and is loved by many people. Today I am going to tell you about the game of cricket.  Cricket is the game of gentlemen (also known as gentlemen’s game). In this game, there is a lot of fun, thrill, entertainment, discipline, etc. In this game, there are different types of formats such as T20, ODI and Test match. In the game of cricket, there are a total of 2 innings in T20, ODI. In the game of Test, there are total 4 innings (2 innings for the first team and another 2 innings for the second team for doing batting and bowling). Now you will think what an inning is? An inning is a game played by both teams. In the first innings, one team does batting and another team bowling. And in the second inning, the team which does batting in the first inning will do bowling in the second inning and the team which done bowling in the first inning will do batting in the second inning. Now you will think that how can they decide which team will d