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Cricket ! What a Game

As you know cricket is the most popular game and is loved by many people. Today I am going to tell you about the game of cricket. 

Cricket is the game of gentlemen (also known as gentlemen’s game). In this game, there is a lot of fun, thrill, entertainment, discipline, etc. In this game, there are different types of formats such as T20, ODI and Test match. In the game of cricket, there are a total of 2 innings in T20, ODI. In the game of Test, there are total 4 innings (2 innings for the first team and another 2 innings for the second team for doing batting and bowling). Now you will think what an inning is? An inning is a game played by both teams. In the first innings, one team does batting and another team bowling. And in the second inning, the team which does batting in the first inning will do bowling in the second inning and the team which done bowling in the first inning will do batting in the second inning. Now you will think that how can they decide which team will do batting first and which team bowling. They decide by toss. Toss means there will be a coin one side will be heads and one side tails, only one player of each team will come to do the toss and that a player will be the captain of the team. And if any captain wins the toss then he will decide whether he will do batting or bowling.

Bowler and Batsman
There are 5-6 bowlers in a team that will do bowling Spinners are also a type of bowler. Spinners bowl slow balls than the pacer, spinner bowls slow bowls because they have short run-up and pacer bowls fast bowls because they have long run-up. The bowler takes wickets for the team. Now you will think who is a batsman, a batsman is a player in a team who makes runs for the team.

How runs are made
Now you will think what are this runs, runs are the main thing in cricket without runs there is nothing in cricket, (wickets are also important in cricket). Runs are made by batsmen. Now you will think about how batsmen make runs and what is these 4’s and 6’s and etc. Batsman make runs by hitting 4’s and 6’s and by running 1,2and 3 runs. They also run 4 runs sometimes. There is a boundary line if the ball gets touch in the ground and then hit the boundary line then it will be considered as four runs(4 runs). And if the ball hit the boundary line directly or gone beyond that directly without getting touch in the ground then it will be considered as six runs (6 runs). There is a total of 6 batsmen in a team.

Team’s player
Now you will think that, in a team, some players are bowlers, batsmen and there are also some players that are the only fielder (they also do batting and bowling but do less) then there are how many players in total. So there total 11 players in a team. There are also some extra players, because if any player in-team is injured then the extra player will play instead of him. There are a total of 17 players in team 6 are the extra players. Other types of players in a team are also there they are wicketkeepers and an all-rounder. A wicketkeeper is a tough job in cricket. A wicketkeeper wears a type of gloves known as wicket keeping gloves these gloves are worn by the only wicketkeeper. A wicketkeeper stands behind the stumps but at a distance. An all-rounder is a player in a team that can do both batting and bowling. Now you will think the writer told there are more 2 types of player than the team should be of 13 players, no the team is of only 11 players cause in that 6 batsmen 1 the wicketkeeper is there. And in the 6 batsmen and 5 bowlers, the sixth batsman and the fifth bowler is only one player that is known as an all-rounder.

Does bowler do batting?
If a top-class bowler can also do top-class batting then he will be known as an all-rounder. Now you will think these many batsmen are there then, does bowler also do batting, yes a bowler also does batting and are known as tail-enders. A bowler does batting when the batsmen have gone out.

Types of Batsmen
 In cricket, a batsman can do batting either by right or left hand. I forgot you to tell that batsmen are of two types:- Opener and batsmen of the middle order. The opener is at least 2-3 in a team. They go first to do batting as soon as an inning gets started, and the middle order means the batsmen that go afterward when the openers are out.

Types of Wickets
 Now you will think that the writer is, again and again, uses the word “Out”, so what does out mean? The “Out” means in cricket when a bowler ends the inning of a batsman. A batsman can be out in many ways such as, bowled, catch out, run out, hit wicket and stumping. There is an unusual type of being out that is, if one batsman gets out and other batsman didn’t come inside the ground under 2 minutes than the batsman will be considered as out. Bowled is also a type of being out this happens when a bowler bowls a bowl and that ball hits the stumps then the batsman will be out (but only when it touches the pitch only one time and then hit the stumps). Catch out means when a batsman hits a ball and the fielder or bowler catches the ball directly (without getting in contact with the ground) the batsman will be considered as out. Run out means when a fielder catches a ball (by getting in contact with the ground) and then throw the ball and it hit the stump directly or by getting in contact by the ground and if the batsman is out of the crease then the batsman will be considered as out. Hit wicket is a weird way to get out, in this type of wicket batsman himself hit the stumps while he is batting. Stumping happens when the batsman’s foot is out of the crease after playing the ball and if he misses the ball and the foot is out of the crease and when wicketkeeper collects the ball behind the stumps and hit the stumps by his hand while holding the ball in his hand the batsman will be considered as out. Stumping only happens when spinners are bowling. This type of wicket only happens when spinners are bowling because spinners bowl slow balls than the pacer, spinner bowls slow bowls because they have short run-up and pacer bowls fast bowls because they have long run-up. So back to our topic, when spinners bowl wicketkeeper stands just behind the stumps. 

What is a Pitch?
Now you will think what a pitch is? A pitch is an area where balls are bowled and batsman plays that ball. A pitch is 22 yards.

What is Crease?
 Now you will think what a crease is? A crease is a white line on which the batsman is standing, he can also stand out of the crease and can also stand inside the crease.

What is Over?
Now you will think what an over is, an over means in cricket, 6 balls, these 6 balls are bowled by a bowl.

Who are Fielders?
Now you will think who is a fielder, fielders are the entire batsman and the bowler of the team. Fielding positions are of two types, one is inside the 30-yard circle and one are outside the 30-yard circle.

Tournaments of cricket
There are also different types of tournaments in Cricket. some of the famous cricket tournaments are ICC cricket world cup, this tournament happens only once in 4 years. And it is of 50 overs. ICC champions trophy is also one famous tournament. This also happens once in four years. First, this tournament was known as ICC knockout tournament but later in 2002 its name changed by ICC champions trophy. This tournament is also of 50 overs. Asia cup is also a famous tournament and is of 50 overs but in 2020 Asia cup will make his T20 debut. The T20 world cup is also famous and is of 20 overs. The most famous country's league is IPL(Indian Premier League). There are also First-class matches. These matches are only played by players who are inside the country and are young. In England, there are also county matches.

Formats of the game T20
Now I will talk about different formats of the game. As I told you earlier that there are 3 types of format:-T20, ODI and test. I will first talk about T20, T20 is the game of cricket, in which both the innings the first and the second both are of 20 overs. Like if there are 5 bowlers, and it is a T20 match per bowlers will bowl 4 overs (24 balls). If you see a T20 match there will be a lot of fun, thrill, and entertainment and also show respect in the game. Now you will think why the writer says that only T20 match is interesting, I am saying this because there are only 20 overs (120 balls), and the batsmen try to get maximum runs. So in T20, they have fewer balls to play so they hit the ball very far. They hit too much of 4’s and 6’s and run 2-3 runs very fast. They also run 1 run. 

Formats of the game ODI
Now I will talk about ODI (One Day International). An ODI is played a little slower than T20 because one innings is of 50 overs (300 balls). So the batsmen have to play 50 over (300 balls) so the batsmen play a little slower than T20. In the ODI match if a team has 5 bowlers than each bowler can only bowl 10 overs.

Formats of the Game Test
 Now I will talk about test match a test match is a very slow format of the game. In this format, batsmen play very slowly because he has unlimited balls to play until he gets out or captain declares. Now you will think what the meaning of captain declaration is? Captain declaration means when the captain of the team which is doing batting, declares that they will now stop to do batting and will do bowling. The captain declares because the match is for 5 days. Now you will think about why the captain declares when the match is for 5 days. It is because each team has to do batting for two innings and also bowling for two innings. For example, the first team won the toss and choose to bat first and when they have enough runs or they have gone all out, then they will do bowling, and the second team will do batting, and when the second team declares or have gone all out, the first team will again do batting, till the captain declare or they have gone all out, after that the second team will again do batting and the first team will do bowling. This is the reason why the captain declares. In the test match after every 30 overs, one break is there. The first break is of 40 min this break is for lunch (lunch break). After 30 overs again there will be break, this break will be of 20 min and this break is of tea (tea break).

What happens in a tie and a draw match?
Do you know the meaning of tie; I am not talking about the tie of your shirt, the meaning of tie in cricket. Most of you know the meaning of tie in cricket. In T20 and ODI there’s tie match. And In test matches, there’s a draw (similar to tie). T20 and ODI tie match means if the first team scores 180 in a T20 match so the target for another team will be of 1 more run means of 181 and if the second team also scores 180 runs it will be considered as a tie match. After a tie match, there is a super over, a super over is of only 1 over (6 balls). In a super over the team which team does the batting in the second inning (second team)will again do batting in the super over in the first inning. And the team which done batting in the first inning (first team) will do batting in the second inning of super over. In a super over each team will get two wickets (more than two batsmen can do batting after the openers). This same type of rule of tie match is applicable for ODI also. But in test match the rules for draw match are unusual. In a test match, the tie match happens in a very unusual way. In a test, match draw match happens like this:- For example, the first team won the toss and choose to bat first and have scored 400 runs and have gone all out, then the second team will do batting and the first team will do bowling, and have done all out the second team in 350 runs, then the first team will again do batting and have again scored 400 runs and have declared, after that the second team will again do batting and have scored 400 runs and have not got all out but the time’s out. So the total runs scored by the first and second teams are 800 and 750 runs respectively. So, in this case, the first team did not win because they have not done all out the whole team (all-out). This match will be considered as a draw (similar to tie). If the first team has done out the whole team before their target then the first team will be considered as they won the match and in test matches, there is no super over.

Women's cricket
 Nowadays women are also taking part in this game. Which countries are hosting men cricket the same countries are also hosting women cricket. But in women cricket some rules change for example the boundary line in women cricket is shorter than the men.

Thank you for reading my blog 😊.


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