How to think positive when stressed?

Be Positive
Nowadays positive thinking is a must. As there is KalYuga (Machine & Technology Edge), most people’s thinking has now changed. Now negative thinking is done more often by people than positive thinking. I will not use the word vanish, because there are still some people in our country or world that are still positive. Be positive that Coronavirus will get over (As I wrote this blog on 03-04-2020 on the outbreak of the corona epidemic).
Let me tell you a true story, one day Raju(name change) goes to a new city that is totally unknown to him. But he doesn’t have any home to live in, but, he has however got a home to live. But in that home one very rude person Mr. X (who also a boss of Raju) is also living because the home is of his. And one day that Mr. X gave him a task; he told Raju that take this key and gives it to my friend. When Raju reached home after job, then Mr. X asked him “did you gave that key to my friend?” and then Raju suddenly realizes that he accidentally forgot to give the key to Mr. X's friend, and then he said “no”  to Mr. X. Then Mr. X is angry and scolded him a lot. So Raju might think negatively about him but he didn't, in fact, he thought that he will show Mr. X his capability one day. He took this positively and thought that yes that Mr. X scolded me because it was my mistake that I didn’t give that key to Mr. X’s friend. And also by thinking that he should understand that how in big cities one key is also important. And from that day onwards, Raju started working very hard, doing the things told by Mr. X or someone properly and learning new things about that city. After some days Mr. X was totally dependent on him. And then one day, one big company which is located in another city, hires Raju, and then he was about to shift in another city, so he told about his progression to Mr. X. That day that Mr. X talked with him politely and also understood his importance in that house. Actually, you know this example is not my imaginary story this happened with my near ones. When Raju came to this new city he even doesn’t know to withdraw money from ATM, due to coming from a small town and a humble background. And when he left the old city he had lots of confidence, lots of learning, knowledge and lots of positivity.
The conclusion of the story is, in your life many hard challenges will come, but you should be confident and positive while accepting it. And the main thing is never to give up.

Difficult to think positive!
So the main thing is why you are negative. Any person is negative because he is afraid of something. Let me give you an example, a student is negative because he fears what will happen if he fails the exam? A person fears what will happen if he is fired? In this way, you may have some fear. Get this fear out of your mind, be cool, think that if you fail the exam then no worries, I will pass the second exam, at least I tried to pass. Don't worry about your marks If you have tried hard and worked hard, you will surely pass. Marks are not important in your life; The important thing is your effort. You know, the topper in your class is scared too, now you will think about how the toppers will be scared? They are afraid because they know they are the first, but if the second topper in your class sometimes gets Top than the first one, they will be very angry.  In the other scenario, the second topper never has any fear because if he had won he would have become the first. To be positive you have to be confident, not overconfident, I will give you an example, if someone is first they will not try too hard or study, but do not fall into this misunderstanding because you give a little mistake, May have a chance to be second. So the main thing is how to be positive, don't be afraid of anything in your life.

How to think positive and be happy

Now you will think that a person who is always negative, how can he/she be positive. First of all, to think positively your mind should be healthy, and to keep the mind healthy you should physically be healthy. To keep your physical body healthy you should do exercise, running, cycling, swimming, etc. Now you will think that how a physically healthy body can make our mind positive? It makes your mindset positive if you do it early morning, as early morning’s air is very pure, relaxing and cold. If you have stress then by doing this, you will feel relaxed & energized. This will make your mind positive. You should do meditation for at least 10-15 min at early morning and 10-15 min when your day ends and thanks to Nature or universe with a positive note. This will also help you to remove stress.

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