Today’s selfish and greedy world

Today’s selfish and greedy world

In today’s world, all people are thirsty, not thirsty of water but thirsty of money. Today most people are selfish and greedy. They do not care about any other person, who is in trouble. When they find lots of money they rush towards it, they do not think whether the money is given for good work or bad work. They go in the wrong direction. 

Nowadays most people just think that they want to be the leader, the king of the world. I give the best example of these. China, today the whole world is suffering from coronavirus. 

As per information from several news channels, this virus has not come from any animal, bird or insect, This virus has come from Chinese scientists. Now you will wonder why China is bringing this virus. The answer is because they were going to use this virus in wars. There was a plan by China to transfer the virus to the opponents' camp. They wanted to win the war without working hard. 

As you know how this virus spread, let me tell you, scientists in Wuhan city in China were experimenting on the coronavirus and it accidentally leaked into the city. 

Actually, you know China knows the medicine to prevent coronavirus I think so. They are not telling this because they want to increase their economy. If they will reveal now then they will not get much money as there is not much case, actually, there are more cases but China wants more cases than that, they will get more money. The world is greedy for money now. Because there is Kaliyuga (Machine Age) this all is happening. 

Show off

The people, who do not have money, do bad things to earn money. This world will not understand. Nowadays people are cutting so many trees to sell wood and paper. Today people are buying more bikes and cars, due to this pollution is happening. They can use public transport like trains and buses. They can also do carpooling if 4-5 people are going into one destination. But no, they will buy their own car and bike to show others that they are richer than their neighbours and these things mostly happen in India.

 Due to this lack of petroleum will happen in the future. Today’s people want to buy more gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewellery to show them rich. These all are luxury items, people buy to do show off. In the future, there will lack of water because people are using groundwater, cut the tree. We should close the taps of water if they are not in use. We should save electricity by turning off the fans and lights of the rooms which are not in use. 

Due to our pollution in the air, water and land nature are affected badly. Due to the air pollution ozone layer is getting affected; in fact, there was also a hole in the ozone layer. Due to water pollution, all the fishes are getting dead. Due to land pollution land erosion is happening. And the main thing global warming is rising day by day and due to these glaciers are melting and if this happened then the water level will increase a lot and this will cause various water disasters such as tsunami and flood. 

Actually this all things are all luxuries but we only need clothes, home, and food to survive. This whole world will end because of our show off. Rich people eat the same food that middle-class people eat; rich people do not eat gold. Rich people also wear the same clothes that middle-class people wear. They do not wear clothes made of diamond, but they wear high and well-known company’s clothes, the feature is same just to cover your body, but rich people wear big company’s clothes just to do show off this only waste their money, in fact, this money can be given to orphanages and charities. Some people buy expensive things just to do show off, they just use these things once and then waste their money. 

So I am trying to say that don’t waste money on show off. Preserve that money and use it for good things. Let me give you an example, the 11th President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, when he left office from the presidency, took a small briefcase and left. So the conclusion is always simple because simple is beautiful.

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